Chief Operating Officer

Molly joined CVNM Education Fund in 2009 as a community organizer working on climate change policy. Over the years, she has served as a lobbyist, organizer, coalition facilitator, and Program Director. She also spearheaded the development of multiple regional rural organizing efforts dedicated to addressing legacy pollution issues across the state. In her various roles, Molly also led media strategy, including organizing press conferences, public events, rallies, and advocacy days at the state capitol. As Chief Operating Officer, she now oversees and guides CVNM Education Fund’s programmatic work, including communications, advocacy, policy, and civic engagement. She also leads strategic and organizational planning as a member of the Executive Team, and grant writing/reporting. 

Prior to joining CVNM Education Fund, Molly worked for Environment New Mexico, and ran a field canvass office in Albuquerque. She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota in geography with a concentration in environmental systems and sustainability. During her undergraduate studies, she also collaborated with several professors, organizations and the City of Minneapolis conducting research on the public’s attitudes and perceptions of environmental action to help shape the city’s growing sustainability program. In her spare time, Molly enjoys camping, painting, and spending time with her family.