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Building collective political power, creating public policy that matters, and advocating for environmental champions in our legislature.

Mexican Gray Wolves

The Mexican Gray Wolf has nearly been eliminated in the wild (due to intensive U.S. government efforts to eradicate them) and are critically endangered, with only about 300 remaining in recovery facilities, zoo breeding programs, and reserves in the U.S. and Mexico. Photo: Chad Horwedel

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The only way we can protect what we hold dear—our blue skies, the water that’s our lifeblood, our Land of Enchantment—is through people power. We know that when a groundswell of people like you elevate your voices, our elected officials are forced to listen.

Exercise your right to Vote

In order to pass strong laws that protect New Mexico’s environment, we believe it is critical to engage in the democratic process.

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Representation matters. CVNM’s Board of Directors are from all over the state, from all backgrounds, coming together to meet the needs of our communities. 

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The Staff at CVNM are passionate about New Mexico’s resources, representation, and connecting people to their political power. Check out our job opportunities to see if your passions can align with your work.

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Help us to build a thriving, just and resilient New Mexico.

We are committed to creating long-term change by working with communities to address environmental issues impacting their health and quality of life. We do this by bringing community members together to work on policy solutions, providing skills-building trainings and resources, organizing public events and connecting activists with decision-makers.