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Current Priority

Restoring & Protecting Our Lands

There are hundreds of abandoned uranium mines in northwestern New Mexico that many companies have walked away and left a toxic mess.


Current Priority

Creating a Cleaner Energy Future

Relying on oil, coal and natural gas for the bulk of our energy needs is a losing proposition. Fortunately, New Mexico boasts a wealth of clean, renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, biofuels, geothermal sources and more.


Current Priority

Putting Dollars Back In the Hands of New Mexicans

Moving forward, state leadership can center New Mexicans in the decision-making process by creating a culture of transparency, and addressing obstacles to full public participation in the policy process, such as language barriers, technology and access, and more.


Current Priority

Keep Rivers Wild and the Water Flowing

New Mexico’s natural beauty, cultural diversity, and vast public lands consistently draw new residents to the state each year, increasing demand for already scarce water resources through increased development.

Protecting New Mexico for Future Generations

As New Mexicans, our lives are inextricably linked to the air, land and water in our Land of Enchantment – and how we treat these resources directly impacts our health and livelihood.


An equitable and just democracy is critical to ensuring that our government serves and represents all New Mexicans and all communities.

Addressing the Climate Crisis

We can create a zero-emission economy that works for all New Mexicans, one that our children and grandchildren can thrive in and be proud of.

Water Quality & Land Restoration

Cleaning up New Mexico’s legacy mining pollution will protect communities, watersheds, wildlife, local air quality, and create jobs.

Public Lands, Water & Wildlife

A uniquely New Mexican approach to conservation will protect our relationship to land, water and wildlife that is central to our quality of life and deep cultural diversity.