Voting in New Mexico

Find your district and polling place

Visit VoterView to find your polling location. This information is also available at your County Clerk’s office. Find your County Clerk here.

Voter registration

Voter registration closes 28 days prior to the election.

  • You may register to vote on two different forms – either the New Mexico Certificate of Registration form or the National Voter Registration Form.
  • The New Mexico Certificate of Registration Form (“New Mexico Form”) is available at any county clerk’s office, the Office of the Secretary of State, or many state agencies that serve specific clients at those offices such as motor vehicle offices and offices offering public assistance.
  • A voter may request the New Mexico form by mail, telephone, or in person. The New Mexico form is on cardstock, is a permanent record and is not available online. It may not be duplicated. You may also register with a Third-Party Registration Agent. The National Voter Registration Form (“National Form”) is available online at This form may be downloaded or duplicated by any voter or organization.

Early and absentee voting

Early voting takes place for 30 days prior to Election Day. You may go to your local County Clerk’s office and vote on either a paper ballot or electronic voting machine. Early voting at alternate sites begins on the third Saturday before the election. Call your county clerk for locations

Voters may cast an absentee ballot or vote in person in the county clerk’s office during regular business hours. Absentee ballots may be cast until voting closes at 7 p.m. on Election Day.

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