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Calling into a Talk Radio Program

Talk radio programs are great formats for presenting your viewpoints on an issue and influencing listeners and decision makers. Over 90% of talk radio listeners do not call in, which leads to a discussion that does not always reflect all sides of the issue. Talk radio programs are the prime opportunity to speak out and share our knowledge, experiences and concerns on a specific issue.

The following are some tips when calling in to a talk radio program:

  • Discuss issues about which you feel strongly.
  • Relax. Always maintain a respectful tone.
  • Don’t start a longwinded argument. Don’t sound nasty and mean. If it comes to that point, let the other side come across as mean.
  • Cite the facts. Make sure you have done your research or are knowledgeable about an issue before discussing it on a talk radio program.
  • Don’t take anything personally. Don’t focus on the personalities. Don’t criticize the concerns of others. Focus on the issue, the facts and the problems.
  • Identify decision makers that are a direct part of the issue. Don’t attack the person, but state who is pushing for or against legislation.
  • Acknowledge what you do not know. Don’t state facts you cannot support.
  • Don’t let the talk show host distract you or take you down a path of conversation irrelevant to the subject.