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Help Support Clean Air and Clean Cars

You have an opportunity to weigh in on rules to support a clean transportation transition. 

In November, the Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) will hold a hearing on several clean cars and trucks rules: Advanced Clean Cars 2 (ACC II), Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT), and Omnibus Low Nitrous Oxide (NOx, which are nitrogen oxides, pollutants harmful to public health and the climate).

I’m calling on you to join me in signing our petition asking the EIB members to approve the strongest possible clean cars and trucks rules. Oil and gas industry advocates are actively spreading disinformation, flooding the EIB and the New Mexico Environment Department with social media and written comments urging opposition to these common sense and much-needed rules.

We have the power to  bring innovation and clean technology into our transportation sector to benefit all New Mexicans. The Advanced Clean Cars and Trucks standards are an important step we can take today to deliver the benefits of lower transportation costs, less air pollution, and healthier communities for generations to come.

Get involved and ensure that these rules are adopted! Sign the petition and let the EIB know that New Mexicans want our state to pass strong rules to help us address air pollution from cars and trucks. The deadline to sign is midnight on Tuesday, November 7th!