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Did you know that 9 out of 10 New Mexicans support lands and water protection? 


Here’s what New Mexicans across the state are saying: 

“I have land here in the valley at Mexican Springs. We also go up to the Chuska Mountains to plant and graze our livestock. We also have a field  in Navajo, New Mexico that we farm for alfalfa. And we do have cattle and horses and sheep and goats. And preserving the wildlife as well as
watersheds and grass for our livestock is really important to me as well as to the rest of my family.” – Community member in Mexican Springs

“I think it’s very important…to protect water, land, and wildlife in New Mexico and around the country. Specifically the Rio Grande Watershed,  the Jemez Mountains are all places that my family and I love to go and recreate. This is an important thing for the future of our children and the rest of our communities.” – Community Member in White Rock

“I am a native New Mexican, and my family has been here over 500 years. We were some of the original settlers in the Land of Enchantment. This has been my home. My parents and grandparents and great- grandparents were all ranchers and farmers that lived off the land. And it is so important that we preserve this for our children.” – Community Member in Taos

“I think it’s very important for the future generations of New Mexicans to be able to enjoy the wide open spaces, beautiful skies, and the variety of different species that we have in our state.” – Community Member in Tres Piedras

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