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Share our ad to expose Gov. Martinez’ enviro legacy

By September 23, 2016People & Health

When we elect public officials, we trust them to make sure our public resources work for us by protecting our interests now and for our future.

Polling tells us what many of us already know: 80% of New Mexicans believe that corruption is a problem, campaign donors have too much influence over elected officials, and 6-in-10 business leaders think elected officials are more responsive to donors than the people they are elected to represent.

Governor Martinez promised to run New Mexico differently than the way it had been done in the past; but six years later, special interests have been allowed to put their agendas before ours, exploiting our air, land, water and health which we’ve protected for generations for their short-term profit.

New Mexico deserves better.

We’ve joined the Put New Mexico First campaign, which helps to educate New Mexicans about our Governor’s failed environmental legacy.

Join our campaign and help us fight back. Share our video with your friends and family on Facebook to expose Gov. Martinez’ terrible environmental record.»

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