For Immediate Release

Santa Fe, N.M. – In response to Gov. Susana Martinez’ support of repealing the Bureau of Land Management’s methane rule in the Congressional Review Act, Conservation Voters New Mexico Education Fund Program Director Molly Sanders released the following statement:

“Just today, polling revealed that 74% of New Mexicans support the BLM methane rule. It’s disappointing that Gov. Martinez is opposing these common sense rules to reduce methane waste and save much-needed tax dollars, given how strongly New Mexicans support them. Once again, Gov. Martinez has shown how out of step she is with what New Mexicans want.

Oil and gas companies in New Mexico waste more methane on federal lands than any other state – totaling $101 million worth from both federal and tribal lands, dollars our state needs. Coupling that with the methane “hot spot” over the Four Corners region, our leaders have an obligation to address this issue that is seriously impacting our state, especially low-income, rural, Indigenous and Latino communities that are most directly impacted.

The BLM methane rules are long overdue, and modernize outdated and ineffective waste guidance adopted 36 years ago. This attack on the BLM methane rule is an attack on all of New Mexico’s communities and economies.”


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