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PNM: Take your power plan back to the drawing board

PNM, New Mexico’s largest public utility, plans to replace retiring coal-generated energy with…wait for it…more dirty energy sources.PNM power infographic web
PNM has been announcing a lot of plans lately. There’s a plan to fine New Mexico families that install solar panels on their homes.
There’s a plan to buy the San Juan coal mine – to ensure that the San Juan Generating Station produces pollution-heavy energy for decades to come.
PNM has made it clear that despite the rest of the country embracing the transition from dirty energy, they want to double down their investments in it – and that’s bad for New Mexico’s families and communities.
Only 8% of PNM’s energy comes from renewable sources, and the utility is planning to lock in dirty energy sources for decades. It’s time to go back to the drawing board.
In 2017, PNM will be closing two units of its coal-fired San Juan Generating Station to comply with clean air laws that protect the health of New Mexicans. By replacing the energy with other polluting types of energy, the plant will continue to threaten health, air and water.
The Public Regulation Commission (PRC), the entity that regulates utilities in New Mexico, has heard more than three weeks of public testimony and expert technical and financial evidence on PNM’s power plan at initial hearings and guess what? PNM has now admitted mistakes that equal more than $1 billion dollars.
PNM needs to know that every day New Mexicans whose lives will continue to be impacted by our largest public utility’s investment in dirty energy are paying attention. It’s critical that PNM hears from New Mexicans like you and me that we support clean energy and a healthier future.
PNM’s plan is long-term and will determine how New Mexicans get their electricity for decades to come. Now is the time to invest in the infrastructure we need to transition to a clean energy system.
The PRC has heard a lot about this case from PNM – and we need to do the same. We need to send a clear message that we have had enough of this dirty pollution that is a health hazard to our community. We are ready for a clean energy economy – and the PRC needs to know that we’re counting on them to protect our air and preserve our dwindling water supplies. Sign the petition to the Public Regulation Commission, urging them to support clean energy and reject PNM’s plan.>>