CVNM and CVNMEF Board Director

Gary Oakley grew up in Denver and found his love for the outdoors early in life through camping and coursework in wildlife biology. This led him into the environmental education field. He taught at Keystone Environmental Education Center (now Keystone Science School), The Colorado Springs School, Aspen Public Schools, and he directed the Corvallis Outdoor School.

Gary’s experience in the business world includes endeavors in both the for-profit and non-profit realms. He has owned and managed various businesses in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, counseling, chocolate, fishing, real estate and photography. His passion for philanthropic organizations motivated him to establish non-profit entities supporting environmental education, youth volunteerism, Guatemalan orphans and Mexican street dogs.

A member of CVNM’s national partner LCV for over 30 years, Gary received his undergraduate degree (geology) from Middlebury College and a Masters (psychology) from Denver University.

Currently, Gary lives in Santa Fe where he works to preserve the environment by inspiring people with his abstract, New Mexico-inspirited, oil paintings. His motto: “Keep New Mexico Paintable!”