Juntos at the People’s Climate March

Thanks to the generous funding from our national partner, the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (LCVEF), two of Juntos’ organizers Yarida Estrada and Eduardo Garcia represented Juntos New Mexico in the New York City for the People’s Climate March. Both organizers reflect on their experience below:

Yari_Estrada Pic

Juntos Organizer Yari Estrada

“I would like to start my report back with the word, “Wow!” I have never been a part of something so empowering and moving.

There we were, present at the largest climate march in history. I have respect for my fellow community organizers from Colorado Protegete and Arizona Chispa, programs also funded by LCVEF. I knew I would be marching alongside a great team for the 2014 People’s Climate March. It was satisfying to know that these people from the community feel the way I do. We recognize that climate change is happening, it’s affecting our Latino communities and we need to do something about it now.

The day of the march, we gathered our gear and headed to the subway to Columbus Circle, where the march began. I was in awe at the amount of people who showed up. All of us moving in peace, as one, for justice. I constructed a short clip compiling pictures and videos from the march. I was fortunate enough to interview Favianna Rodriguez, a visual artist focusing on social change, who brought her creativity to the march on behalf of our Mother Earth. I captured pictures of all the people around us marching for what they believe in.”

By Juntos Organizer Yari Estrada

“Attending the People’s Climate March was a truly transformative experience. Over 400,000 people were there. Additional support from around the
globe came in the form of over 2,600 rallies in 162 countries. We made history and Juntos New Mexico was a part of that. A multitude of voices were raised to put emphasis on the urgency of global warming and our need for immediate action.

We had the honor to march in the migrants’ rights bloc of the People’s Climate March, and not too far behind us was the students’ bloc. The energy and excitement was incredible. People were chanting and singing long before the march even started. In our bloc, we met important activists, organizers, and artists.

Attending the People’s Climate March truly made me realize that our effort here in Albuquerque with Juntos New Mexico may seem minimal, but in the larger scope of global action our work is indeed imperative. The success of our campaign here in New Mexico will not only bring more renewable energy to families but also will significantly decrease CO2 emissions and help arrest global climatic change. Many tourists did not expect the People’s Climate March in their itineraries while in New York City, but many of them joined us or cheered from the side. This was a powerful march and a momentous demonstration of what democracy looks like. We, the people, spoke on behalf of the environment. Now, it is time for our leaders to respond and stand with history, stand with progress, stand with people and the environment.”

By Juntos Organizer Eduardo Garcia