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New Mexicans deserve better from Gov. Martinez

By September 19, 2016Climate & Energy

As an activist and supporter of Conservation Voters New Mexico Education Fund (CVNMEF), this might come as a surprise to you – but many New Mexicans don’t know about Gov. Martinez’ terrible record on the environment and its impact on our health. They’ve bought in to the photo ops of Martinez reading to children – not realizing that she is selling off their future behind closed doors, one piece at a time.

From creating a fictitious inspector to issue inspection certificates for over 500 new oil and gas drilling sites to allowing industry to write their own rules that fail to protect our water, Gov. Martinez’ actions have shown where her loyalties lie: with her corporate campaign donors.

That’s why CVNMEF has joined a new campaign this week – Put New Mexico First – that you’ll find on TV stations, radio programs, and digital and social media platforms across the state.

We’re lucky because we have you working alongside us to call for smart environmental policy – but we need more New Mexicans to see her real environmental legacy and the corrupting influence unlimited big money has on New Mexico policy.

You can see a preview of the ad here:

We need more New Mexicans to get involved if we’re going to create a healthy and strong New Mexico for all of us.