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A donor-advised fund (DAF) can provide an efficient and flexible way to make meaningful charitable gifts. When you fund a DAF, you enjoy an immediate tax benefit, and can add to that fund and make charitable gifts from it at any time. 

DAFs offer administrative convenience in the following ways:

  • the sponsoring organization handles all of the ongoing paperwork after the initial donation
  • it saves costs over establishing a family foundation, which requires around 2.5% to 4% of its assets each year to run, and 
  • gifts you make via your DAF can be made anonymously –  or you can provide your name in order for us to thank you directly for your support.

You can set up a DAF through a community foundation or a financial institution such as Fidelity, Schwab or Vanguard.

If you have a DAF and would like to make a gift to CVNM Education Fund, or if you have about establishing one, please contact Liz Lee, Director of Philanthropy, at (505) 920-0786 or