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Second Annual Renewable Energy Festival in Northern New Mexico

By Elisa Lucero Ah, spring in New Mexico. The sun is shining, and, like clockwork, the wind is blowing. This is precisely what places New Mexico in the perfect position to lead the nation when it comes to clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar. A number of visionary leaders, institutions and community members worked [read more…]

NMED backs “clean diesel” but there’s No. Such. Thing.

This is so beyond unacceptable. When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) busted Volkswagen for cheating on diesel emissions standards, my community and I were relieved to see that our state would receive funds to fight diesel pollution. But Governor Susana Martinez’s Environment Department (NMED) just released its plan for New Mexico’s portion of the money, [read more…]

ACT NOW: Help NM go from dirty diesel to clean school buses

The NM Environment Department is holding public meetings over the next two weeks to help shape how we spend our $18 million from the Volkswagen settlement. You can lend your voice. Attend a public meeting to ask the Environment Department to transition New Mexico schools to electric buses. Dirty diesel school buses emit dangerous pollutants that [read more…]

Tell Pruit: We need the EPA methane rule NOW

  Trump’s EPA is putting a two-year hold on critical rules to reduce methane pollution from the oil and gas industry. We can’t wait for clean air. Submit public comment and demand that the EPA implement the methane rule on schedule.» Last week, a study confirmed (again) that New Mexico’s methane “hot spot” is largely [read more…]

Gov. Martinez is out of step with New Mexicans on the BLM Methane Rule

Just today, polling revealed that 74% of New Mexicans support the BLM methane rule. It’s disappointing that Gov. Martinez is opposing these common sense rules to reduce methane waste and save much-needed tax dollars, given how strongly New Mexicans support them. Once again, Gov. Martinez has shown how out of step she is with what [read more…]

New Mexicans deserve better from Gov. Martinez

As an activist and supporter of Conservation Voters New Mexico Education Fund (CVNMEF), this might come as a surprise to you – but many New Mexicans don’t know about Gov. Martinez’ terrible record on the environment and its impact on our health. They’ve bought in to the photo ops of Martinez reading to children – [read more…]

Thank you for supporting strong methane rules for New Mexico!

I can’t thank you enough for taking time out of your busy day to submit public comment to the Bureau of Land Management, urging them to create a strong rule to reduce methane emissions into the air we breathe and minimize waste! Your voice is critical to making this happen. Recently, the oil and gas [read more…]

Add your voice: strong super pollutant rules right for NM

So many people attended BLM’s Farmington hearing on a new proposed rule to curb methane emissions that the room had to be moved – twice – to accommodate the crowd. While hundreds of oil and gas workers were bussed in to attend the hearing, the citizens who spoke were 2 to 1 in favor of [read more…]

Public hearing: your chance to weigh in on super pollutant safeguards

It’s a common practice for oil and gas operations to intentionally release tons (literally!) of methane into the air – to the tune of $42.7 million in New Mexico since 2009. Methane is a super pollutant that is an even more dangerous greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide in terms of both climate change and quality [read more…]

Juntos invites you to a Papal Address Watch Party

We invite you to our office to listen to the Pope’s historic address to the U.S. Congress about climate change and protecting our planet. When: Juntos will host two sessions at 11:30 am-1 pm and 7:30 pm-9 pm, Thursday, Sept. 24 Where: 900 Park Ave SW, second floor, Albuquerque, NM 87102 Contact: 505-242-2972 REFRESHMENTS WILL [read more…]