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15 states attack methane rules – our AG stands up for our health

By August 29, 2016People & Health, Methane

For the first time since oil and gas became major energy sources in the mid-19th century, the EPA and BLM have set the wheels in motion to limit dangerous methane pollution spewing into our air—which we now know is damaging our health and our climate. We can’t let that protection slip away.

Despite oil and gas operations and their infrastructure being allowed to pollute our air unchecked for years, dirty energy forces are fighting any attempts to clean up their act through legal attacks on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) methane safeguard. Fifteen states have filed lawsuits to allow the oil and gas industry to spew unlimited methane pollution into the air. But our Attorney General Hector Balderas is supporting the commonsense safeguard in court, working to block this senseless effort by other state.

When NASA identified a methane “hot spot” the size of Delaware hovering over New Mexico’s San Juan Basin, the oil and gas industry was quick to point the finger in any other direction. NASA recently released their report, identifying 25 oil and gas sources that are contributing half of the pollution that makes up the “hot spot.”

But dirty energy forces continue to push this misguided attack. We thank our Attorney General Hector Balderas for fighting back and keeping us on track to ensure that public health and the environment win.

We’re grateful to have strong allies on our side, and they deserve our support. Thanks to Attorney General Hector Balderas for defending these vital safeguards for our health and our communities.