Learn to speak ‘Legislature’

During the 2019 New Mexico legislative session, you will be hearing a lot about the opportunities for change, and it’s important to know that each piece of legislation has the potential to completely change the way we live. A piece of legislation can be written by anyone, and after it is sponsored and introduced by a legislator, it passes through a gauntlet of procedures, votes and systems that are important to understand. To fully connect you to your political power, CVNM is launching a Legislative Education Series to simplify and dissect the lawmaking process.»

Families Rally at National Governors Association Meeting in Santa FeCall on Governors to fund electric school buses to improve air quality for children

More than 125 parents, students, families, and activists from across the country gathered at the New Mexico Capitol Thursday morning to demand governors, attending the summer meeting of the National Governors Association nearby, prioritize clean air by using the $2.7 billion in Volkswagen settlement money to replace diesel school buses with zero-emission, electric school buses. At the rally, activists also called for states to reduce methane pollution from the oil and gas industry. Read more.»

VW Mitigation Plan: Is NMED picking industry favorites?

Under the Obama administration, the Environmental Protection Agency busted Volkswagen for cheating on diesel emissions standards. The resulting settlement funds are intended to reduce toxic diesel pollution. The New Mexico Environment Department released their draft plan for the use of these funds. Read more.»