Open Contractor Position: Western NM Rural Program Rural Organizer

Conservation Voters New Mexico Education Fund (CVNMEF) believes that protecting our environment begins
with the people of New Mexico. We do this by engaging the people of New Mexico in our long-standing shared
values of protecting our air, land, water and the health of our communities. We do this by mobilizing people to
advocate on policy, enhancing the voting process, encouraging people to vote, cultivating conservation leaders
and amplifying the voices of those most affected.

Scope​ ​of​ ​Work:

The role of the Rural Organizer is to implement grassroots organizing activities that involve raising awareness
of and implementing a water testing initiative in uranium impacted communities.

Job​ ​Activities​ ​Include:

● Implement organizing strategies to conduct water testing through face to face conversations ,
presentations, and conversations at community, Tribal, school, and business meetings.
● Create local outreach lists.
● Assisting community members in testing their drinking water or water on their property for uranium
● Outreach to community members, including canvassing and presentations, to ensure that they know
how to access water testing resources .
● Create presentation material and engage in conversations about water testing. Organize a public
forum with community and decision makers to discuss test findings, community concerns, and share
impact stories.

Contract​ ​Point​ ​of​ ​Contact:​ CVNM-EF’s Western NM Program Director, Talia Boyd

To​ ​apply:​ please send your resume, cover letter, and a brief explanation of how you would approach this work
to Talia Boyd at No calls please.

Conservation​ ​Voters​ ​New​ ​Mexico​ ​Education​ ​Fund​ ​is​ ​an​ ​equal​ ​opportunity​ ​employer