Environmental Justice Day at the NM Legislature

Sign up! ¡Regístrarte! Environmental Justice Day 2017 Dia de Justicia Ambiental 2017 Monday | Lunes March 13 | 13 de Marzo 6:30-7:30AM – Travel to Santa Fe | Viajar a Santa Fe 8-9:30 AM – Breakfast & Workshop | Desayuno & Taller 10-11:30AM – Visits with Legislators | Visitas con Legislantes 12-1PM – [read more…]

McKinley County Commission Meeting March 14

Join us on March 14th to tell the McKinley County Commission to do its job and protect our families and communities. Communities that have been living with pollution from uranium mines have asked the Commission to develop a local ordinance to put stronger protections in place to keep our family safe from mining pollution. Instead, [read more…]

Northern New Mexico Activists in the Roundhouse

Josa (left) is an activist with our sister organization CVNM Education Fund’s Northern New Mexico Organizing program working on oil and gas issues impacting health in Rio Arriba. Today, she joined our organizer Valerie Romero for Acequia Day at the State Capitol for the first time and got a tour in English and Spanish. Here’s [read more…]

Gov. Martinez is out of step with New Mexicans on the BLM Methane Rule

Just today, polling revealed that 74% of New Mexicans support the BLM methane rule. It’s disappointing that Gov. Martinez is opposing these common sense rules to reduce methane waste and save much-needed tax dollars, given how strongly New Mexicans support them. Once again, Gov. Martinez has shown how out of step she is with what [read more…]

McKinley Co Commission moves forward on ordinance!

Thank you for showing your support for McKinley County residents as they ask their leaders to adopt an ordinance to “pause” uranium mining to create space for community dialogue. Before Tuesday’s meeting, the Commissioners received a letter from Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn, who voiced opposition to the moratorium. When his office commented publicly at the [read more…]

Martinez administration favors big donors over public input in Clean Power Plan process

Memorandum From: CVNM Education Fund Date: Dec. 15, 2016 Subject: Martinez Administration favors campaign donors over public input in Clean Power Plan State Implementation Process: big donations get Big Utility a private meeting, notes weren’t even taken at public meetings Contact: Liliana Castillo at 505-992-8683 or Earlier this fall, Martinez’ appointed Environment Secretary, Ryan [read more…]

EVENT: What you can do to protect your air

We’ve all heard what President-elect Trump has said he’ll do to our environment when he gets in office – repeal the Clean Power Plan, “erase” the Paris Climate agreement, let oil and gas pollute our air, land and water unchecked. The possibilities are endless, scary and wrong – but we’re more concerned about what we [read more…]

Good news – just when we need it!

great news! Many of you spoke up for a strong methane rule to be put in place as soon as possible and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) listened by finalizing the rule on Tuesday, Nov. 15! As President-elect Donald Trump threatens to demolish and gut major environmental protections at the federal level, the Obama administration [read more…]

Stop the “invisible oil spill”

The clock is ticking. President-elect Donald Trump has committed to nullify the progress President Obama has made to protect our health and fight climate change. That could include the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) rules to reduce methane pollution. Every day, an “invisible oil spill” is spewing pollution into our air over our communities and [read more…]

This corruption must stop

In much of New Mexico, the oil and gas industry is all around. The pump jacks dot our landscapes, meadows are interrupted by lakes of fracking fluid, we pass the trucks transporting crude on the highway and we smell industrial fumes. Being a state with ample industrial infrastructure, I assumed that safety was of the [read more…]