CVNMEF joins Put New Mexico First Media Campaign

Media campaign highlights influence of big money. Martinez administration cut corners on required safety inspections to the benefit of an industry that’s given over $1 million to her campaigns. Read our press release and watch the ad»

CVNMEF and Programs Stand in Solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and all Water Protectors Opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline

“We are humbled by the courage and leadership of the Water Protectors in their efforts to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). They are protecting their land, their families and drinking water for thousands of Americans from the threats of contamination. In short, they are fighting for environmental justice and we stand in strong solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux.” Read the full statement and find out how you can help.»

Juntos: Our Air Our Water is hiring

We’re looking for a Leadership Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator to join our team!