Trump’s executive action attacking federal climate policies will impact New Mexico’s communities

The Clean Power Plan would have made steps in the right direction when it came to reducing the disproportionate impact that communities of color and low-income communities feel from pollution. It also would have put communities in more control over energy decisions. Read more from Juntos: Our Air, Our Water Director Christopher Ramirez.>>

Uranium’s impact on communities in McKinley County

The McKinley County Commission hosted a special meeting on March 14th and heard two hours of public testimony about the impacts communities and families are feeling from decades-old legacy uranium mining. After hearing comment, the County Commission stated that they want to develop a formal Blue Ribbon Task Force and hold public hearings to provide more space to understand how community is being impacted.

Moving forward, CVNM Education Fund will continue to partner with communities directly impacted to work with the county to develop and shape the composition of the task force and share their stories of how they are impacted. If you live in McKinley County and want to be involved in this work moving forward, add your name here and let us know the best way to get a hold of you!