Leaders must listen to community to build consensus on energy future

Plans for New Mexico’s energy future include nuclear energy, but nuclear is part of the dirty energy problem – not the solution. Communities like Gallup and Church Rock, know all too well that the fuel life cycle of nuclear energy is far from clean. Abandoned mines and their radioactive waste left behind after the mining boom turned bust impact their lives daily. Read what CVNM Education Fund’s Western New Mexico Organizer Talia Boyd has to say and stand in solidarity with fellow New Mexicans and urge our leaders to listen to communities as we plan for our energy future.

Latino voters are ready to make the transition to a clean energy economy

According to a recently released Colorado College poll, Latinos rank coal last among energy choices with wind and solar being the overwhelming preference. Juntos leaders and Latino families have also commented in local surveys about wanting more renewable energy in our communities.

What does the transition from coal to cleaner energy mean for New Mexico’s Latino communities? It means cleaner air and water and sustainable jobs and incomes for Latino families throughout New Mexico. Read more from Juntos Director Christopher Ramirez.>>