Latinos must speak up for our well-being

Juntos Director Vicente Garcia penned this op-ed regarding PNM’s power plan. It was published in the Albuquerque Journal on January 15, 2015. 

Clean Energy Rally

Nearly 300 New Mexicans rallied for more clean energy in PNM’s power plan on January 5 in Santa Fe, the first day of weeks of Public Regulation Commission hearings to approve or reject the plan.

Truth be told, the average meeting of the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission doesn’t get noticed much. It’s not exactly the hottest ticket in town. That’s why when nearly 300 New Mexicans showed up at the commission’s doors on Jan. 5 to protest PNM’s proposal to replace power from the San Juan coal plant with nuclear and a reinvestment in coal, it was a New Year’s surprise.

After rallying outside the offices, concerned New Mexicans then streamed into the PRC’s hearing room, taking advantage of the first day of a public comment period to make their voices heard. Many people spoke up on Jan. 5, including concerned tribal members of the Navajo Nation, faith leaders and renewable energy business executives. Last Friday I testified as well, along with other concerned members from the Latino community. At this point, it’s clear that New Mexicans are paying attention and they don’t want the PRC to approve PNM’s plan.

At the end of the day, the PRC’s decisions determine our energy future – which has a significant impact on the health of our families and our children. That’s why New Mexicans from across the state, including many from the Latino community, are calling on the PRC to send PNM’s proposal back to the drawing board.

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Do you want more clean energy in NM?

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Juntos is calling for a clean energy future for New Mexico, not more of the same dirty coal. Juntos Director Vicente Garcia spoke out at a rally outside the PRC hearing on Monday, January 5 to reject our state’s largest utility PNM’s dirty energy plan. Read more about the ongoing hearings:

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